The great wisdom dwells in the body.
- Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche


Somatic Meditation in a Modern World

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About Dharma Ocean Europe


"Obviously there's something going on with this lineage and this group of people in Europe that is new, it really is new in my experience!"
 Reggie Ray, 2019

When Reggie Ray and Caroline Pohl came to Europe for the first retreat in 2016, their teachings landed on fruitful ground. Supported by the Online Courses from the Dharma Ocean Foundation and ongoing visits from Reggie and Caroline, the European Sangha grew quickly and developed a deep sense of community and commitment. 

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Practice Groups 

"I came here to teach you meditation!"
 Chögyam Trungpa

We often heard Reggie and other teachers saying that practice, genuine and unbiased experience, is not only the essence of this lineage, but the only path to true liberation. So we hope that this website will over time become a helpful tool for everyone in Europe to find the support that is needed.

Here you'll find a list of local or online practice groups and some guidelines that you might find helpful.

If you are leading a practice group or planning to start one, let us know through this form.


Dharma Ocean Europe Retreat - © Dharma Ocean AGS e:V. / Katja Rübsaat
Caroline Pfohl & Reggie Ray - © Dharma Ocean Europe / Cornelius Braitmeier


"If we want to contribute to the flourishing of the European Sangha,
job number one is our practice!" - Reggie Ray

The best way to deeply explore the practices and to connect with sangha friends from all over Europe is during retreat.
Find Dharma Ocean related retreats - residential or online - in our event schedule

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Let us know if you are planning a retreat for the European Sangha (peer-led or teacher-led) and want it to be published on this website. 

Teachings and Resources

"May I experience everything nakedly, completely without mental reservations or blockages."
 Aspiration Chant

We are planning to offer teachings and guided meditations from different teachers related to the Dharma Ocean Lineage soon. 

Meanwhile, you'll find a rich array of practice resources, guided meditations, introductory teachings and podcasts from Reggie Ray on the  Dharma Ocean Website 


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